Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Was "Tagged"

so... six non-important things/habits/quirks about me:

(...i cheated & used the first part of my sister's answers)

1- my two biggest fears are...bugs larger in size than a penny, and haunted houses

2- i am severly...left handed - i do many things backwards

3- i am totally addicticed to...the limited. i find it very difficult to buy clothes at any other store and actually enjoy them.

4- i could live on...mexican food (one beef enchilada & rice, and the chips & salsa...and a large strawberry daquiri)

5- i love to...clean. i enjoy doing dishes, (that way i know they're actually clean), doing laundry and getting it all done in one day (more mine than anyone elses), and cleaning my house (although i prefer to have all day to do this one too).

6- i long to...keep up with this 5K training, and be able to run it all come spring time!

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