Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So I'm a Horrible Blogger....

The first thing my sister says to me today, "you have to be the worst blogger ever." she said something along those lines. I know I know I know. I've been meaning to get on here for the last week or so, but I always seem to get distracted by reading other people's blog, then I remember something else I had to do and push it off even more.

I promise I'm going to try and do better!

So we're moving! :) I was beginning to get tired of having our house on the market - always having to put EVERYTHING away and out of sight before I left the house, and I even fought with Joseph a few times about just taking the house off the market. A few weeks ago I got off work and called him as usual and he was in panic mode. I couldn't understand much of what he said except for, "this lady is coming to look at the house tonight and if she likes it then she's going to buy it so we need to clean up..." and he kept going on and on about how crazy his day was. Anyway, within about two days we had pretty much sold our house and learned we had to move out in a month! So I spent a few days looking at houses after houses after houses...and we finally agreed on one together! I used to always love looking at houses...but its hard to say I've gotten my share of it for a while.
Here's a picture of our new house!
...My Job!!
I'm on my second week of my training with the Marriott. I'm getting used to being there 8-10 hours a day, but its hard waking up so early in the morning. I've learned almost everyone's names (because they keep quizzing me) and really like the people I work with. I'm getting training in *every* part of the hotel possible, so every time I leave my head is just full of info. Did you know Mr. Marriott started this whole thing by opening up a Root Beer stand called the Hot Shoppe? Just little things like that get drilled into my head almost everyday...its really a lot of fun though.
I've always worked at the front desk and dealt with the guests all the time, but now I'm learning everything "behind the scenes." Its crazy to see how much work the managers put into making sure the associates are happy. (I'll spare you the Marriott slogan about taking care of the associates, and so on). Everyone keeps saying, "you'll need to know this when you're running your own hotel." So hopefully after these 8 weeks of training are done I'll feel like I'm actually capable of doing so! My training can last 8-12 weeks, depending on what jobs are open for me when the time comes.
...What else?!
- I'm still having trouble finding my way around this place.
- Next weekend, we're heading to Charlotte for the VT vs ECU game at the Panthers Stadium. I can't wait for our little vacation! It should be an awesome weekend.
- The weekend after that...we're moving!! It should again be another crazy weekend trying to get everything moved, and also getting this house cleaned up Sunday morning. If you're bored & want to come help - feel free! :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Last Few Months......

I decided to join my sister & her friends with this whole "blogging trend," so I'm sure my Dad will get a kick out of this one too. Yes Dad, both of your daughters are now BLOGGERS!! :)

I just recently graduated from Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!!), and I moved to North Carolina a few days after finishing with classes. Joseph & I then got married a couple weeks later in Roanoke. It was an amazing day - it could not have gone any better. I tried to take in every moment, since people say it always goes by so fast. I was so lucky to have such a beautiful wedding and hardly anything happened for me to stress over (all of that worrying for nothing!).

Anyway, I've been living in Holly Springs for almost 2 months now. Its a small town right outside of Raleigh, NC - thank goodness. I got stuck in real traffic the other day & it took me an hour to get home! Crazy, huh?! I've never lived anywhere that it didn't take us more than 15 minutes to get anywhere...even in traffic!

I've been working at The Limited part time to give me something to do until I start my job with Marriott August 18th :) I've met a lot of great ladies - they even say I talk differently, with a northern accent than them. I told them that I say "yall" and that didnt seem to impress them much. I've never been told I had a "northern" accent before! I was actually a little offended! Anyway, I've moved past that and now just trying to learn my way around this state. I get lost about once a day....why does there have to be an Inner and an Outer Beltline? I mean what's even a Beltline? Oh...you mean another highway? Joseph is learning how to be patient with me and my lack of sense of direction...poor guy.

I'm officially a North Carolinian, or however they spell it. My name is officially longer than I ever expected...taking up two lines on my social security card. From Lisle to Higginbotham. I have to spell it in my head every time I have to write it down. I got a North Carolina Drivers License last night - passed the test!! Joseph put on my license plate today, but I should be getting my VT Hokies one sometime next week :)

That's about it for now.