Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's October Already!

I cannot believe it's already October!

We went out today and bought some mums and pumkins for our front porch. I felt pretty "wifey" planting the mums in our clay pots...and our front porch looks great :) If only it felt more like fall outside - I'm tired of these 80 degree days!

It was so nice having a weekend in town with nothing to do. We went to the hockey game on Friday night - it was the Season Opener for the Hurricanes and pretty crowded. We even convinced Carly to come with us...we've turned her into a hockey fan!! On Saturday, I clean cleaned the house -- mopped the floors, vaccuumed, laundry, everything. I felt so accomplished! Afterwards though I was wornout. Joseph attended the monthly Saturday night poker game (the ladies play on Friday, the men on Saturday). I caught up on my dvr's and was asleep by 9:30. Some may call that lame - but that was the best sleep I've gotten in a while! :)

This will be my 9th (of 12) week of work. I absolutely love the people I work with. Some of us went to see Nights in Rodanthe last week (Don't waste your time. Stay at home and watch The Notebook). We had a great time overall though. It doesn't really feel like work being around such funny ladies - they constantly keep me laughing.

We made a trip to Roanoke last weekend. It was Virginia Tech's Homecoming Game, so we decided to make a quick trip home. I definitely wish we could've made it a longer trip. We stayed Friday night with my parents and Saturday with his. It was nice being around the mountains too - I never realized how beautiful they are until I moved away!

Anyway, I promise I'll *try* to start writing more. If only my life was a little more interesting...wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch The Young & The Restless :), and go to bed. ...That about sums it up!!

PS - I'd like to say Hello to my sister since we don't really ever get a chance to talk for more than 5 minutes. I Miss You!!