Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New House & Such

So dispite Hurricane Hannah...we got everything all moved in! We only had a few little setbacks, but nothing major. The movers ended up coming a little later than planned due to rain, and Dish Network decided they were going to close because of weather. By ten am, it was bright and sunny! So I put on my "tough guy" face and yelled & complained to Dish Network until they sent someone out here (I get that from my Dad) :) So we got everything unpacked & in its place in one weekend. Thank goodness! It's actually starting to feel like home. For a while it just felt like we were on vacation.

Work is still going well - I'm in my 5th week of training. Its so weird to think I've been there over a month! I'm starting to know my way around the hotel and feel like a "manager." Its great!

Its official! I am a college graduate! Even though I finished my classes in June, I just got my diploma in the mail yesturday. I kept having this nightmare that I had forgotten one credit or something, and maybe I didn't graduate. But Nope! I still can't believe that I actually graduated, but I'm sure it will hit me soon enough. It's weird to watch Va Tech football games and not be there! We're trying to make it in town for the October 4th Homecoming Game, so maybe then my "Alumni Status" will sink in.