Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's Been A Year

Last year around this time is when Joseph proposed to me. Holy crap! Only a year?! Are you kidding?!
It got me thinking of how big of a year it actually was....
- Joseph proposed
- Planned a wedding
- Made Dean's List that Spring Semester, also taking 21 hours of classes
- Got a job!
- Planned a wedding
- Wedding Showers - see family I hadn't seen in a long time
- Jarron graduated high school
- Made paper cranes with Charligne & Kara :)
- Planned more of a wedding
- Graduated College!!!
- Moved to North Carolina
- Got Married!
- Started my "big girl" job
- Bought a house
- Now we're getting a puppy in February!!

Whew - that was one hell of a year...a great one at that though. I could not have been able to do half of that without my family!! It was rough at times, but we always seemed to make it through. As crazy as things got at times - it's nice now to look back on it and laugh :)
Here's some pictures of our puppy:

He's only 2 weeks old in these pictures. His eyes are fully open now & he's walking too. We went out yesturday & bought some things at Petsmart. We got a crate, a leash & collar, a few toys and some bowls. We are all ready for him - now we just have to wait! We get him at the end of February, so only about 4 weeks to go.

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Anonymous said...

It has been quite a year. Hope all is well with you down south...a new house, husband, and puppy! A little different than our sub-1000 square foot apartment...

Have fun! Keep blogging!